The Greater Cleveland Drag Entertainer Catalog

Dakota Cox


Drag Queen

Style: Glamour, Dancing, Theater and impersonation

Contact info: 

Facebook: Darrell Royale (Dakota Cox)

Insta: @divothecreator  

Bio:  Dakota Cox is a multifaceted powerhouse with all types of tricks up her selves ready to snatch WIGS AND EDGES! Todrick Hall mistook this  dancing queen for a biological women. She wants everyone to know she doesn’t take hormones she takes dolla bills hunny; so she can pay her rent! Going into her third year as a Drag Queen, she aspires to make it to Rupaul’s Drag Race with the help of God, and her je ne sais quoi! 



Bio Queen

Style: Comedy, Rock N Roll, Theater and Live singing

Contact info: 

Facebook:  Airwrecka Kunath  

Bio: I’m a live singer in heels and a wig that rocks the house down and likes to make people laugh. Used to host my own show at Mahall’s, have graced multiple stages in the Cleveland area, and sang in the Sydney Opera House professionally. Twice. 

Matt Cockrin


Drag King

Style: Glamour, Dancing, Rock n Roll and Theater

Contact info: 


Video Link: 

Bio:  Matt Cockrin is a drag king from Cleveland, OH. He competed in his first pageant back in October 2018, won and continued onto the state pageant where he swept all categories and is now your current reigning Mr. Ohio King All Star. Matt is a huge advocate for the trans community and through his reign has has prided himself on the fact that he has made drag kings more visible. He is a versatile king and loves to interact with the crowd and entertain as much as possible. 

Julius Ceaseher


Drag King

Style: Dancing, Monster, Rock n Roll, Horror and Sexy

Contact info: 

 Facebook: Julius CeasHer 

 Insta: @julesb_art 

Bio:  Julius CeasHer is a dark, sexy, historically inaccurate trans drag king who enjoys the screams of the damned and your money ;) 

Calypso Riley


Drag Queen

Style: Glamour, Comedy, Monster, Rock n Roll, Impersonation and Club Kid

Contact info: 


Video Link: 

Bio:  Calypso Riley is the Rock n Roll Succubus from Canton, Ohio! Coined the "Dirty Demented Diva" She's been performing in drag for 3 years, she is the host of Cantons only alternative drag show "Drag Underground" at Buzzbin, and was in the Top 5 for Clevelands Best Drag Queen in 2019.  Calypso can bring a rock show, in at least 2 different languages, she can do stand up comedy, glamour and will gladly help host any event needed! A true chameleon on the scene, you won't forget this one! 

Sarah Tonin


Drag Queen

Style: Glamour, Monster, Cosplay, Club Kid and Kawaii

Contact info: Through Social Media

instagram: sarahtonin.jpg

Facebook: Sarah Tonin

Bio: Sarah Tonin is the kawaii, sad girl of Cleveland! She is known for her signature pastel vintage style and embodying the internet princess aesthetic. She is a member of the Haus of Uzumaki, where beauty has no eyes. 

Anhedonia Delight


Drag Queen

Style: Glamour, Monster and Club Kid

Contact info: 

 Insta: @AnhedoniaDelight 

Video Link: 

Bio:  Escaped from the mental ward, Anhedonia Delight is Cleveland’s premier drag queen for all things mild to wild! Self-proclaimed, “Cleveland’s Fatale of Filth”, she is especially inspired by the bizarre, strange, and horrific. Anhedonia’s drag style ranges from grotesque to burlesque and incorporates references to cult films and satire! Although her work is adaptive and fit for all audiences, she prefers performances that are conceptual, shocking, and gory. She is entirely self-taught in hair, makeup and she especially prides herself as the only Ohio-based circus stilt-walker!  Anhedonia produces and hosts monthly alternative themed drag shows at the Grog Shop in Cleveland, entitled GlamGore, where she showcases varietal performance artists ranging from pageant queens to drag super monsters! Anhedonia celebrates her third year performing as an entertainer performing across Ohio! She has had the privilege to perform for many Ohio colleges, Cleveland Opera Theater, the Ohio Burlesque Festival, the Cleveland Drag Showcase, Pride in the CLE, and even the Austin International Drag Festival! 

Nicole Silver


Drag Queen

Style: Dancing, Monster, Rock n Roll, Cosplay, Club Kid

Contact info: 

Insta:  @the.nicole.silver 

Melancholy Knights


Drag Queen

Style: Glamour, Comedy, Dancing and Monster

Contact info:  Through instagram

Insta: @melancholy_baby_queen 

Bio:  I’m a 26 year old drag queen from Lakewood, OH whose as funny as she is glamorous. Multi-talented (gymnastics, tight lip-syncs, and this mug Henny)  

Malibu Peruu


Drag Queen

Style: Glamour, Comedy, Dancing and Impersonation

Contact info: or through social media

Facebook: Malibuu Peruu

Insta: its.malibu.peruu 

Bio:  Local Akron and Cleveland Entertainer Former Accomplishments: Miss Gay Akron Newcomer 2018/2019, Miss MX University of Akron 2018/2019, Miss MX University of the Year 2018/2019. Working with "Canapi" Community AIDS Network/ Akron Pride Initiative: a nonprofit organization dedicated to HIV support services and LGBTQ advocacy!  Currently on Cast for Ninja City Drag Brunch with Many local LGBTQ+ Entertainers. Also Currently performing at local LGBTQ+ Bars in the Local Cleveland and Akron Areas. 

Sir Damien Von Donger


Drag King

Style: Comedy, Monster, Rock n Roll and Theater

Contact info: 

Bio:  I started performing 6 years ago when i was 49. I'm big curvy and love dragging and burlesque.  

Thrust Faukboy


Drag King

Style: Comedy, Dancing, Rock n Roll and impersonation

Contact info: 

Insta: @thrustfaukboy 

Bio:  Thrust is a boner- um- bonafide fuckboy, who’s still all about consent. He’s been performing for nearly a year now, and has made appearances on many stages in and around the Cleveland area, including Pickwick and Frolic for the Delusional Divas of Drag. Whether wall twerking or worming across the stage, Thrust ensures there’s not a dry seat, I mean, dry eye in the crowd.  

Sorority Diamond


Drag Queen

Style: Glamour, Dancing and Voguing

Contact info: 

Insta:  @Sorority_diamond 

Tommy Knockers


Drag King

Style: Comedy, Monster, Theater, Impersonation, Camp and Cosplay

Contact info: Through Social Media

Facebook: Tommy Knockerz

Insta: @tommy_knockerz

Bio:  Member of Cleveland Kings Action Pack- raising money for community orgs, activism, highlighting kings of color. Performed at Midwest Nerdlesque festival. Cleveland's Least Eligible Bachelor.  

Ginger Breadhaus


Drag Queen


Glamour, Comedy, Dancing, Bearded, Monster, Rock n Roll, Theater,

Impersonation, Live Singing, Camp, Cosplay

and Club kid

Contact info: 

Insta:  @gingerbreadhaus  

Video Link: 

Bio:  When it comes to my drag, I am very versatile performing able to adapt to any situation. I create all my own costumes and do my own makeup and hair. I love creating character and love to bring then to life on stage. I also starred in the hit TV show Live PD on A&E.  When out of drag I own and operate the fierce doll clothing company, Haunt Couture. Find us on etsy and all other social media.  



Drag Queen

Style: Comedy, Rock n Roll, Theater and Live Singing

Contact info: 

Facebook: Mael Storm

Insta: @maelstromqueen

Bio:   I’m a newer queen who has had many accomplishments as a professional actor and singer in the Cleveland/Akron area. I’m a walking talking singing crossdressing muppet. 

Sierra Simone


Drag Queen

Style: Glamour and Dancing

Contact info: Through Social Media

Facebook: Sierra Simone

Bio:  Going through life you always try and find a place where you fit in. Doing drag for me and being around those who love the art, that’s my place where I fit in. Drag has been a huge passion of mine ESPECIALLY ever sense I got molested two years ago, drag was my way out. It was my way to have a voice and to speak it as loud as can be! And I couldn’t be even more proud of the person I have become to this day!  

Karma Couture


Drag Queen

Style: Glamour, Dancing, Voguing, Impersonation and Club Kid

Contact info: 


Bio:  Im the legs of cleveland  dancing deathdropping barbie. Who will turn the party  

Essence Peruu


Bio Queen

Style: Glamour, Dancing and Live Singing

Contact info: 

Bio: I have been performing since 2013. I'm a plumpcious femme queen who loves to show size does not matter! I am current reigning Miss Red Ribbon Femme, Miss Youngstown AllStar Princess 2019 and Miss Ohio AllStar Princess 2019. I'm known for my high kicks and dancing until the end of the song! 

Kimmy Katarja


Drag Queen

Style: Comedy, Dancing, Rock n Roll, Theater, Voguing, Live Singing and Club Kid

Contact info: 

 Insta: @Vogue.Luk 

Twitter: @Kkatarja 

Tiktok: @blu3pid 

Facebook: @Slay.kimmy 

Spotify: @Lukakimmy 

Patreon: @Kimmy Katarja 

Video Link: 

Bio:  Kimmy Katarja is a Jamaican Born Drag entertainer. She is classically trained in Jazz Dance, Ballet, Vogue Dance and Vocal performance. Kimmy has a Theater background starting at only 4yrs old. Her look is very eclectic. Sporting a trademark scar over on eye and a blast from the past fashion sense, Kimmy Katarja is one of a kind when it comes to wearable pop art. He Drag style mixes Black 80s Business Barbie realness with 90s Grunge Punk Flex. She also has a Podcast called Under The Wig talking about lifestyle tips and tricks with Personal Color of What life is like as a Drag Queen in Cleveland. She’s multi talented a Class act to say the least. She is Kimmy Katarja. 

Izzy Thick


Drag Queen

Style: Comedy, Bearded and Camp

Contact info: Facebook: Izzy Thick  

Insta: @IzzyThick_absolutely 

Bio:  Im Cleveland's bearded trailer trash comedy queen. I have preformed at the bearded beauties in Lexington KY. Ive only been preforming for less then a year and have already won All Axs drag idol season one (before they closed) and i host my own show at the leather stallion in downtown Cleveland.  

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